Russian Dating Services – Do They Really Work? RussianCupid is probably the largest and most popular online SPB JOBS service dedicated to singles looking for men, women, or both in Russia, Eastern Europe and the United States. There are several international dating sites catering to Russian singles but none are as popular or successful as RussianCupid. International Cupid is another great hookup app that caters to all singles around the world looking for hot international singles to get to know one another. If you are in search of a Russian partner you should definitely look at best hookup apps.

I have found a couple of best hookup apps

  • The first one was OK ! which is actually a dating portal site where you can find matches for thousands of single Russian girls and guys. It has a huge database that you can search through and you will get a list of matches for the area you are living in or for the country you are interested in.
  • The next are Adult dating blogs ! Blogs has got some good single dating services as well. I am not sure about the subscription fee as the first year it was free of charge. However, I have seen hundreds of Russian singles on blogs site and all of them seemed to be fun, attractive, and serious about getting a date.
  • The third service for singles looking for Russian men, women, or both was Maxorama . It’s one of the biggest international dating sites for Russians. If you have visited their site you will find it very user friendly and you can browse through their profiles and view photos. You will find plenty of singles looking for Russians and they are mostly mature, single men and women in their thirties and forties.
  • The last service is. the Panorama Plus Russian dating app with a huge database of Siberian people. You just need to create an account with this free app and you will find a list of Siberian singles who are interested in a long-term relationship with you. You also have a choice of sending friend requests to these people. However, it would be best to use the app “Maxorama Lova” which is exclusively available on the Maxorama main page.

In conclusion, there are three excellent free Russian dating apps. The first two are popular so I wouldn’t expect to find many complaints about them. The most popular one is Singles Together. The other two are more niche and are better suited to those looking to find love online in Russia .

If you are willing to take some risk then it might be worth trying them out, however the free ones are the safest sites to use.

So that’s it in my perfect Russian matchmaking guide. That was fun. I hope it helped!