russian datingThe problem of finding the right man has always existed in all the times, and the worst thing, that each year the quantity of the single women increases with a few percents. Ecaterina wrote a letter asking for help: ” i live in the United States for two years and i am looking for a man with serious intentions, although looking for a husband in the dating agencies has really disappointed me, because i met only people who were interested in sexual relation, but they were not thinking about the future, while I am ready to become a loyal and caring wife, and of course I also dream about having children, is there at least anyone in the world who has same desires as i do?!

Well there is always a chance to find this kind of man, the only problem is that we not always see this chance, being surrounded with day by day worries we lose from our sight something that is really important.

Unfortunately Russian single women who live in America are not always using those chances, and i can understand them in a way.  Women in the United States try to find a husband counting on the local “dating market”, and i should say that the requirements towards the future partner are sometimes too high, men same as women always look for a person who lives a wealthy life, who has a good and highly paid job, and a stable social status, that is why women with the international accent always scare away the potential candidates for their hand, they see someone who is lower in social status. But there are men who no matter what love Russian women due to the fact that they are completely different from the American women, and the ones who live in the States are also attractive as there is no need in making a fiancée visa for them.

Rita, has wrote a letter, with the question are the dating agencies for generous men? Rita: ” i want to get married abroad, and i need an advice in finding a marital agency that takes a moderate or even high payment from men for their services, as in my point of view this way people who want to have fun and are not serious in their intentions will skip them, and in this kind of agency will come a man who has enough assets and who is not very greedy. And also how can I find Russian marital agencies abroad, I really like Italy and Greece.

In some way I agree with you, but i think that in each kind of meeting there are pluses and minuses, I  think it is better using as many chances as possible in order to meet your other half, so there is no point in choosing only two countries for meeting men, the more countries the more options.womenforsex

You need to be aware of the fact that when you send your profile to the agency there is nothing you can do afterwards, you cannot influence the situation; you can only wait until you will be picked from hundreds of women who want to marry a foreigner. That is why it is important to be active in correspondence, to reply as soon as you get the letter, and also a good thing would be writing the letters yourself and not waiting until your Prince Charming will finally scratch his toes and realize that he needs to do something in order to find his one and only. This is the simple truth of life, the more efforts you make the better life you have in the future.

We all make out own choices, and usually we choose from the options that we see in front of us, so why not helping the man that You choose, in seeing You as his chosen one, it is surely not that difficult, but simply needs some time and efforts in order to do that. And remember that everything that you do, you do for your own sake and great future; no one will ever help you better than yourself.