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If you take interest in how Russian marriage on-line agencies work, you need to know there are two types of agencies that are doing their business quite differently. You need to distinguish between Western based marriage agencies and local Russian marriage agencies.

Western Based Agencies

These are the Western agencies that, as a rule, put their ads into Russian newspapers promising to find a good husband for single Russian girls. Women, who are interested in finding a foreign husband, send their information and photographs to the address mentioned in advertisement. When the agency has enough of profiles to start working with, they launch a platform where they offer beautiful Russian wives for Western men. The further work depends on the choice of the agency, they can be selling the address of the woman, or membership of the site by getting which you get the access to all the profiles and ladies’ pictures and are able to exchange letters with them or have on site chats in special chat rooms. These marriage agencies also offer translation services as not all Russian ladies can speak English.

The minuses of such Western based agencies are: the profiles of ladies are very seldom verified, the real women are never contacted on regular basis. These women never send their data to only one agency and can be found on more than one marriage or dating site, thus the interest in the site you are using can be very low and you will never see this woman on-line or never get a reply to your letter. Some agencies also known for buying the addresses and data of the women they never saw in life to profit from sales. The translation and gift delivery are more expensive than at local dating /matrimonial websites.

When the agency has a great data base, they start opening social tours for the Western men when they come to post Soviet countries and meet ladies in flesh. The women are invited to such tours by advertisements in local papers and other mass media.

Local Marriage Agencies

The pros of such sites in comparison to Western based sites are: they are located in the homeland of the ladies and know their clients personally, consequently their information is verified and you can be sure you are talking to the ladies that exist in real life. The translation and gift delivery services are much cheaper, if compared to Western based marriage agencies. The minus of such matrimonial sites is that they do not offer you a huge base as the local ones and not all the ladies wish to marry abroad.

Ukrainian and Russian Marriage Agency BeHappy2Day

These agencies can also be selling the information on their ladies to Western agencies to introduce their ladies at their agencies as well, thus, attracting more of the Western men seeking for a lady from former USSR country for marriage. These agencies also offer ‘socials’ (group tours) and individual tours, if a man wants to meet his sweetheart in her home land. They charge for these service less and can show you around better locally as Western agencies cannot do. When you arrive to the lady’s homeland and the connection fails you can always ask the local agency to arrange you meeting other ladies, what Western marriage agencies simply cannot do.

You can also come across blended sites like Anastasiaweb that offer you a huge data base and unite many local agencies in one. It is just a matter of your choice.

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