fordateWhat are the things each lady should know before starting the communication with a man abroad? Some of the Russian brides while looking for a husband abroad are looking for a man who will help them escaping the crisis and the difficult life situation in their own country, but no one likes being used, and sooner or later this man would feel, that his bride is not being honest about him and is simply looking for material independence, eventually the foreigners are looking for a Russian bride for a reason as well, it is because they want a woman in their house who will take care of everything, some of them think that Russian wife is a woman with multiple functions, such as being a housekeeper, a good lover, a great mother of their future children, and a respected mistress in the social life.

Some people do not see that those are not the only cases, and there really are people who are looking for a person to be with, they look for a person, with who they can spent life with in common understanding and mutual love. And there always were less of these people in the internet when in real life. The good thing is that each person doesn’t look for a lot of people in their life, they are looking for one and only person, the soul mate and are making efforts in order to find it, no matter of the place of the world where it is.

The bad thing is that during the crisis the criminal part of the world’s society becomes active, and this way both sides, Russian brides, or foreign men, both might become the victims of it, eventually it is not a very pleasant thing, and it is difficult to admit this kind of situation, but this the way life is, and both of the parts should be more careful while choosing the candidates who in the future will become their admirers, and girls in the first place should learn what being attentive and cautious means.


Sometimes while browsing profiles of various Russian bride, men get the question what are those women really looking for, they placed a profile with very beautiful pictures obviously made in a professional studio, but why aren’t they writing their criteria, the features pf character they look for in the future partner? It is a well known fact that each person no matter of the gender of place of living has the list of criteria in the future partner, things that they would like this partner to have, and the things that are inacceptable. So when all those fields are almost empty in their profiles, a logical thought comes to the mind, that they do not really care how their man will look like, or what would be his religious views, or even how old he will be, or they are looking for is a rich man who will help them escape their poor living.

And it is not a prejudice at all, as if the woman is young eventually, she is looking for a man who is same age as she is, or he is a bit older, and of course she is not eager to see a grandpa by her side. Also if the woman is raised in Europe than eventually she wants to meet a man from Western Europe or North America, and she certainly is not interested in a man from India or other Asian countries. Lately there are a big quality of men from the Middle East who are looking for a Russian bride, but they are not even thinking to take them into consideration.

In order to find the man fo dreams, it would be better if giving his description in the letter. In such important matter as future marriage, woman should take all of her wisdom, bravery and logic sense in order to find that person who was created for her, and not to lose him, by her own mistake, or lack of attention on various details while placing the profile, and setting the important for her criteria.

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