The world has seen dramatic changes in regards of equality between men and women since the beginning of human existence. This situation can be also traced in Russia, but still Russian women cannot get the job they want and salary equal to the men in general. Men and women are still not treated equally in the working field.

These facts force single women forget about their dreams and aspirations and dedicate themselves and their lives to their families and their well-being. However, unmarried women in Russia differ from those from other countries, as they don’t give up on getting higher education and scientific degrees, even though this doesn’t guarantee a well-paid job. Russian women still look for the one, so determined they are.

Due to this desperate wish of career Russian women are left not married until their thirties. That is why they start looking for men abroad. Not because they really want it, but because they have small chances in Russia.

The strongest argument is that Russian women prioritize devotion and commitment in relationship and long-distance relationship in this respect is not the best choice. Besides love and security, they seek for a partner with a stable financial income. This doesn’t mean they are after money or material things, but think of the man’s ability to sustain their future family.


As the ratio of men is higher than women in Russia, Russian men are spoiled for choice. So, getting a spouse of the same age is not an easy task and very difficult for Russian women after 25 years old as in Russia most of the women get married before they are 22.

Having discussed single women, it is evident they are all different. Some of them are career-oriented, some take pleasure of family life duties, some prefer stay single. Some look for a partner within Russia, some prefer to marry a foreigner. It is impossible to describe single Russian women in one word.