Russian Women on FacebookThe world has been progressing steadily with the technology. Every year new means of communication appears.  There is a lot to learn every time we find out that something new has come out. However, such are not solely good because fraud and the ways of deception are also evolving at the same pace, or even faster, than the technological progress. One of the best examples to illustrate the state of the things is Facebook.

If we regard Facebook as a successful business, then it is absolutely right. Mark Zuckerberg is a genius, and his idea keeps amazing us today. Thanks to Facebook, people from all around the world has got the chance to communicate with each other. A lot of them have acquired new friends and even managed to start relationships. It is all because of the social networks. So, we cannot deny these facts because they are clear. Nevertheless, we should not keep praising the Facebook’s efforts to enhance its communication capacities. There are some bad things waiting to be exposed, especially if you want to chat with Russian women on Facebook. There is quite a lot of swindle on the social networks, and one of the most common types of fraud is the fake relationships. The reality is that it is all about creating fake accounts and then chatting with lonely people, seeking for one who is really desperate and is ready to sacrifice everything that he has just to be loved by someone. This is what swindlers are looking for. Every time you meet one on the social network, it does not necessarily mean that you are actually talking to a pretty girl. He might have gotten her photo from any account or from the internet. Well, now we are more or less clear with this type of fraud which is increasing nowadays.

Now, we think, it is the time to get to the discussion of how to avoid being swindled and to detect those who want to make money on you. Well, we are here to specifically discuss Russian girls because there are a lot of swindlers who say that they are Russian girls but may be just random guys that want to get as much money from you as possible, and one of our clients is being to such situation, but with our help he was eventually able to find his love.

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His name is Mark White. He was very unlucky with the girls. The problem wasn’t about finding one and starting a relationship. The thing is that after some time they broke up with him. Obviously, such things are extremely frustrating. However, he did not give up. He kept on trying to find his only and decided to search on Facebook. The difference was that he was fed up with the type of the girls which is predominant in Britain and elsewhere in Europe, so he made a decision to try to find a Russian girl with whom he could have strong relationships and family. After some time, he met a beautiful woman who was interested in meeting him. Mark was so happy, he could not believe his luck. So, they started texting each other every single day. The first thing that Mark omitted was that she was quite Russo phobic, i.e. completely dissatisfied with Russia and wanted to leave Russian at all costs. This is the first sign of fraud which can be either that she is real, but does not really care about you, or that she will ask you for some money. In our case, it was a real girl who wanted to leave Russia and didn’t care about Mark. She was focused on money. Finally, our hero came to visit her and then she came to him, but it felt cold. The last thing that proved that she was the person he needed, was her cheating on Mark and having relationships with other guys as well. So, he broke up with her and registered on the website. It was the place where he finally managed to find his future wife, and they are now living happily in the south of Spain. You should not lose your chance too.