Have you ever experienced disinterest from the Russian lady that you like? She doesn’t pay any attention to you. If you face the same situation again and again, you need to learn how to flirt with Russian women. Here you will find some lessons on how to.

The first thing you need to bear in mind is that flirt is not only a conversation with a woman you are attacked to, but also body language. If you are efficient ‘talking’ with the help of your body, the results would be beyond your expectations.

Psychologists consider that if a man shows the buckle of his belt, touches it or puts his hands in the pockets, he is focusing woman’s attention on a ‘definite’ part of his body. The same thing is true about women, when they lick their lips, adjust their clothes or play with their hair.

There are three types of flirt in psychological classification: glance, smile and slope of head. Much of your success depends on your ability to smicker or ‘make eyes’. However, don’t limit your smickering only by a glance; don’t forget about sincere friendly smile, just a bit slopped head and your ‘right’ location to your target lady.  Considering all this, a Russian woman will pay her attention to you and like you, no doubt.

Leading a conversation with a Russian lady, don’t fail to show your sincere interest to what she is telling you. ‘Too much’ of interest will be better than its absence or showing you are bored, thus you will most probably be dumped. Laugh sincerely at her jokes and joke, but know the limits.

To make sure your flirt has effect, pay attention at her gestures and facial expression. If you notice her blushing and moving closer to you, hear her laughing at your jokes, be sure she is interested in you and you’ve got all the chances to move on and work on the development of your relationship.