Russian wivesRussian women are called true ladies because they are so classy and chic. It’s especially impressive taking into account that many of them lead a very modest lifestyle.

Russian girls are lucky to have very beautiful or at least cute faces, it attracts to them so many western admirers. Unfortunately, their local men care more about a bottle of vodka.

Men who want a calm, even reserved wife or girlfriend yet able to joke and enjoy life, should definitely opt for Russian women. They are very similar to Baltic and Belarusian girls in that.

It’s true, however, that Russian cuisine is a bit monotonous and contains too much flour stuff. Also girls from big cities tend to be focused on their hard work more than on healthy cooking.

But these disadvantages are easily erased when a girl starts dating a well-provided man from overseas. She is getting some free time and uses it for learning new dishes and cuisines.

Russians age late enough, but a caring man can make their youth even longer if he takes a part of responsibility. It’s already a luxury for Russian women who used to carry everything on their shoulders!

Except for some wealthy Moscow families, Russian girls almost never grow immature and spoiled. They are taught to cook borsch and thoroughly clean the house from 3 to 5 years old!

For someone who wants a well-behaved wife with excellent skills of a house keeper, the best decision is to marry a girl from a big Christian family. There are plenty of them in Russia.Russian women

Such girls do not find it challenging to welcome a big number of guests with amazing home-made meals, and they used to serve little children without any complaints or tiredness.

And still, they remain ladies deep inside. Just add some makeup and a fancy dress, your Russian Cinderella will turn into a princess in counted minutes.

Every Russian woman is a treasure, if only she came from a family with correct values. It’s better if you make a research in advance and ask her directly about her background.

Bad examples we sometimes hear about, and some men’s negative experience mostly come from a communication with girls raised in orphanages or miserable families.

There are plenty of them in Russia too, no matter what the propaganda says. So just be careful and chose someone who looks and sound decent in their profile and letters.

Russian women are also a real gift when it comes to sexuality. Again, you shouldn’t get involved with someone who is getting naughty or vulgar, that’s not the right choice even for hookups.Russian marriage

Russian girls are a perfect example of natural sexuality, which means they are passionate and have nearly no taboos but they express it freely only with a special man.

That’s actually we all dream about, even the jealous type of guys. We dream a goddess of love and sex to be ours only, and to belong to us in a bed completely.

Russian wives are a very practical choice too, because they basically love simple food and aren’t too fond of travelling. They may want one or two fashionable items in their wardrobe, the rest is casual.

Marrying a western woman may cost you a fortune, but girls from smaller towns in Russia are happy enough even with a new white dress and earrings. A few toasts for guests is ok too.

Weddings are celebrated in that modest way in many Russian towns, it’s different only in Moscow and in some villages where a big table with a hundred of festive dishes is a tradition.

In any case, a girl from an average Russian family is usually mesmerised by American or British environment and they do not demand any expensive celebrations in addition to that.Ladies Russian online

An extra tip for men interested in Russian marriage is creating a well-known atmosphere for their bride or wife, to avoid her melancholy or being confused and homesick.

If she likes reading, get her Russian books, if she plays some instrument, keep one for her in your house, if she likes a certain kind of pets, let her have them. Her gratitude will touch your heart.

As you can see, genuine Russian women have nothing to do with all those scammers and gold diggers you are reading or hearing about. They are very precious, you just have to search correctly.

Changing two people’s life for good has a big meaning and shouldn’t be underestimated. Russian dating can be your most charming experience, and the most long-term too.