Nowadays, more people get acquainted via Internet than in real life. It’s much easier to talk to someone, share you thoughts and ask questions when you are not face to face with the person. Naturally, this gives men more confidence to flirt with women on dating sites and this is a good thing, because without the wall of shyness you can reveal you inner world and get to know better the person you like.
Unfortunately, everything is not as flawless as it seems – where a good thing is going on, there will most likely appear something that will spoil it. Well, in the world of dating and marriage web sites, scammers are such buzz kill. You may be thinking that you’re talking to a beautiful, sophisticated woman, who may even be your soul mate. Alas, in reality you may as well be talking to a man.
That is why it is very important to determine whom are you talking to from the start. But how would you know if you are being scammed? Well, first of all look for cliché letters. For example, if the girl sends you an e-mail, where she does not indicate any particular details that you’ve told her about yourself – you must be alerted. If she doesn’t call you by your name and uses such words as “darling”, “my love” and so on in every letter – it may as well be a cliché letter and the person, who sends you these letters, is not the real woman you think you’re talking to.
Another important detail that can indicate if the letter comes from a scammer and not from a real woman is the unusual requests for money or gifts. In case you decided to find a woman in Ukraine you should know that Ukrainian women are quite modest and serious about the relationships and they will not ask for money or gifts as they will consider it below themselves.biutysex
Real Ukrainian woman, who is truly interested in having a relationship with you, will try to find out as much as possible about you, your life, friends, habits and so on. She will regard you as a potential spouse and naturally will want to know everything she can to make sure that her inner world and your culture is at least a little bit compatible.
If the correspondence progresses, you will want to see the woman you’re talking to in real life and it’s only natural. The majority of the legitimate marriage agencies provide the services of interpreter, who will be sitting beside the woman you want to talk to and help her to understand you better if she doesn’t speak English, or if her knowledge of English is not enough to perceive the words in conversation.
However, if a woman starts to refuse to talk to you via web camera, with the help of such program as, for instance, Skype – there’s a good chance that she’s a scammer. If the woman you wish to have a relationship with is truly interested – she will want to talk to you via Skype as well, because she will want to make sure that you look that same as in the photo, or maybe she will just be willing to hear your voice and see your smile.