Beautiful Women in RussiaSince many of the Western men travelling to meet beautiful women in Russia frequently get the question: “what to bring to a lady when visiting her?” this article is devoted to the topic. It is always pleasant for a Russian woman to hear “Darling, I have something special for you!”

It can be quite challenging to choose a gift for your Russian woman. The lady will read the information about you and create her attitude from the gifts you bring her. All women like receiving presents, it is true! However, not every man is able to guess what will suit his beloved’s taste the best.

You need to think, if you really can excite a woman, and here you really need taking your time. You can  impress her with the gift or just make her feel joy. Can you sense the difference?

In the present article you will find some tips and hints on how to choose a gift for your Russian lady.

Ignore the idea of bringing clothes. You never know the woman exact size and style. Besides, fashion in Russia is totally different from the European and Western one. So, do not bother to bring her dresses, jackets, jeans, to say nothing of the lingerie. It is not appropriate to give it at your first meeting in flesh.

Do not underestimate the role of the gift in the development of your relationship for the first date. If you do not know how to impress your date, make sure you know how to please her.

If you count on little low cost presents:

You can bring box of chocolates, candies, candles, bottle of wine (make sure you know what your woman likes), etc.

Gifts for the beautiful women in Russia with kids:

Getting the heart of a child is the right way to the woman’s heart. Sportive presents are the hit. Make sure you know the sports your woman’s child takes interest in and bring something related to that, or bring some games, some gadgets, etc. Sweets work well, if she has small kids.

Wonderful gift ideas:

Getting her a good perfume is a good idea. Make sure you know her taste in fragrances though. If you are dating a young Russian woman, then go for “BLV” from Bulgary perfume that comes in blue bottle. It is absolutely adored by most of the young Russian brides. It is not a cheap perfume, but it is worth it. You will absolutely love it on your woman since it is very sexy!

“Victoria’s Secret” offers a vast selection of body care products and perfumes. A great plus is that their packages are very beautiful for a gift.

A great perfume choice for women 35+ is Chanel #5.

If you have any doubts about your gifts, you can find from your lady what she likes, but asking her hinting questions. Good luck in your choice!