Confident and pure beauty. Beautiful young woman looking at camera and keeping arms crossed while standing against grey backgroundThe Russian women are one of the most enigmatic phenomena that exist nowadays. For many years, men from all over the world were trying to discover the truth that lies behind the charms that subdue the man’s mind. All of those attempts failed. This can also be attributed to the mysterious Russian soul which has been perplexing the West for many centuries.

Nevertheless, this article is dedicated to lifting up the veils of secrecy that envelope Russian women so that you, as a potential fiancée could find yourself quicker the girl of your dreams.

The French writer Frédéric Beigbeder wrote once about Russian women that the maidens of all other nationalities hate them because the beauty of the Russians is not fare. One should always struggle against injustice. This is partly true.

The main thing is that when you are referring to the Republic of the Russian Federation, you should keep in your mind that it is a multinational country. So, when you pronounce the word “Russian women” it becomes quite vague as it is unclear whether you mean Russian by their nationality, or you are just merely referring to all the women who live in Russia. This is a very significant difference. Due to the rich cultural diversity, there is also the religious one. These two factors determine two main features of any women – her appearance and her cultural background. She might be Orthodox (Eastern Christianity) and, therefore, very religious and family-oriented. She would be a perfect wife as she believes in love and her family is beyond anything else for her. She also might be Catholic with quite similar attitudes but still significant differences will be observed in her attitude towards the family, her perception of life and the world would differ, etc. She might be Muslim which is also quite widespread in Russia as there are many nationalities that have Islam as their main religion. Then, she obviously would be very devoted to your and will want to have a lot of children. However, there are many more religions and even within each religion there are different nationalities which alters the cultural background and upbringing of every single woman. Therefore, every Russian woman is unique. There is no general rule that can be applied to all of the women, especially now with the modern influence of the media. Therefore, a lot of Russian women become very similar to the Western ones and are not family-oriented at all.about the Russian women

However, there are also some very important facts that you should be aware of. Firstly, there are 10 million more women in Russia than men which means that Russian women are also looking for their husbands or boyfriends abroad. Secondly, the average height of the women is 168 cm and the average weight is 69 kg. Thirdly, the Russian women usually give birth to their first child at the age of 25 years. Fourthly, the percentage of the girls who remain innocent until their marriage is falling very rapidly. Now, the average percentage of the virgin girls at the age of 18 is about 30% whilst between 20-25 years old it is less than 5% which indicates a negative correlation. Fifthly, more than half of the Russian women are dyeing their hair, whilst about 35% have blond hair. Sixthly, the Russian women think that the most sexual dish is chicken grilled with vegetable ragout. It is the way to seduce a man according to the majority of the Russian women.

To sum up, after having read this, you are now familiar with the general information about the Russian women which will definitely help you find your Russian sweetheart.