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ukraine-womanThis article is dedicated to acquaintances with Russian women through marital agencies. The society’s opinion regarding this issue has divided, some people are being very skeptical about this kind of meeting each other, the other ones think that marital agencies, and it doesn’t matter how they work, inside the country, or they are aimed to create mixed international families, are doing a very useful thing for people, they are helping them finding their love and creating a family, they help people avoiding the loneliness, and by the way they help the country, as due to the creation of families, the demographic situation is improving- because children are born in this kind of families.

And regarding this issue i remembered one story, which is from real life. Once a person who has marital agency has met the representatives of the Baptist Church, and when those people asked him what he is doing for living, he was very afraid to answer, but he did, and told about the things he is doing, and he was very happy to hear, that he is a good person who is doing a good thing, as there is nothing more important than the creation of the strongest bounds in the world-families.

If talking about Russian Orthodox Church, than it is also a fact that young people were mostly meeting each other inside this kind of church, and later that meeting led them to the creation of the family, and the funny as it sounds, but in this kind of cases, the role of matchmaking, was made by the church. And it is a normal fact, someone has to do it, someone has to introduce to young people to each other, as families are not creating just like that, they need help in order to do meet and find each other in this big world.

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Women from Russia are often trying to find a husband abroad, as there is lack of men in Russia in general, and a huge lack of good and worthy men for sure, all the good ones are usually taken before the time they turn thirty. The other one which were not “taken” before turning thirty years old, are those men who no one really needs.Dating a Russian bride

Those are the objective demographic reasons, that make women look for acquaintances outside Russia, and looking through a partner abroad by means of internet or matchmaking agency, becomes for a Russian woman not simply an adventure made from curiosity, but a life’s objective necessity.

Some of the bad people say that the coefficient of useful services of this kind of agency is not high at all, it is only fifteen-twenty percent, and not all of those families last forever, and so what, if at least a few happy families were created than it is worth trying it! And of course was are just mean rumors, as there is no person in the world whom would travel with a calculator in the hands all the way abroad, in order to count how many marriages happen, and how many of the families created are still being together, after many years.

There definitely more divorces in Russia than abroad, as a divorced woman in Russia with a child is something more typical for Russia, than a married one. This way we come to the conclusion, that there are a lot of lonely people in the world, and that is very sad. And no one likes to live in a depression, that is why looking for a partner by means of various websites or articles gives people the opportunity to increase a few times the quantity of meetings, which are more resulting than simple meetings in the street, or in a nightclub, as usually this kind of meetings do not bring to anything serious, and at the same time there are a lot of “underwater rocks” that two people discover about each other only after some time, in some cases when it is already too late.

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