Russian bride starting the search of the groom.

fordateWhat are the things each lady should know before starting the communication with a man abroad? Some of the Russian brides while looking for a husband abroad are looking for a man who will help them escaping the crisis and the difficult life situation in their own country, but no one likes being used, and sooner or later this man would feel, that his bride is not being honest about him and is simply looking for material independence, eventually the foreigners are looking for a Russian bride (more…)

Dating a Russian bride through internet, Yes or No.


ukraine-womanThis article is dedicated to acquaintances with Russian women through marital agencies. The society’s opinion regarding this issue has divided, some people are being very skeptical about this kind of meeting each other, the other ones think that marital agencies, and it doesn’t matter how they work, inside the country, or they are aimed to create mixed international families, are doing a very useful thing for people, they are helping them finding their love and creating a family, they help people avoiding the loneliness, and by the way they help the country, as due to the creation of families, the demographic situation is improving- because children are born in this kind of families. (more…)

Russian Marriage Agencies: How do they Work?

Russian Marriage Agencies


If you take interest in how Russian marriage on-line agencies work, you need to know there are two types of agencies that are doing their business quite differently. You need to distinguish between Western based marriage agencies and local Russian marriage agencies.

Western Based Agencies

These are the Western agencies that, as a rule, put their ads into Russian newspapers promising to find a good husband for single Russian girls. Women, who are interested in finding a foreign husband, send their information and photographs to the address mentioned in advertisement. When the agency has enough of profiles to start working with, they launch a platform where they offer beautiful Russian wives for Western men. The further work depends on the choice of the agency, they can be selling the address of the woman, or membership of the site by getting which you get the access to all the profiles and ladies’ pictures and are able to exchange letters with them or have on site chats in special chat rooms. These marriage agencies also offer translation services as not all Russian ladies can speak English. (more…)

Meet your new Filipina pen pal today


Pan pals are a great thing. They are someone with whom you share a very special relationship that is so intimate and so adventurous in a way that you cannot imagine such a relationship with anyone else, even your closest friends. If you are looking for a Filipina pen pal, there are plenty of websites where you can find such women, but if you are asking us, the absolute best way to go about this is to actually visit websites where you can meet no one but Filipina pen pals and the fact that is going to definitely cheer you up is that there are more than a few such websites. (more…)