Learn How to Flirt with Russian Women


Have you ever experienced disinterest from the Russian lady that you like? She doesn’t pay any attention to you. If you face the same situation again and again, you need to learn how to flirt with Russian women. Here you will find some lessons on how to.

The first thing you need to bear in mind is that flirt is not only a conversation with a woman you are attacked to, but also body language. If you are efficient ‘talking’ with the help of your body, the results would be beyond your expectations. (more…)

How to make sure that you’re talking to a real Ukrainian woman?


Nowadays, more people get acquainted via Internet than in real life. It’s much easier to talk to someone, share you thoughts and ask questions when you are not face to face with the person. Naturally, this gives men more confidence to flirt with women on dating sites and this is a good thing, because without the wall of shyness you can reveal you inner world and get to know better the person you like.
Unfortunately, everything is not as flawless as it seems – where a good thing is going on, there will most likely appear something that will spoil it. Well, in the world of dating and marriage web sites, scammers are such buzz kill. You may be thinking that you’re talking to a beautiful, sophisticated woman, who may even be your soul mate. Alas, in reality you may as well be talking to a man. (more…)

Priorities of Russian Women


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The world has seen dramatic changes in regards of equality between men and women since the beginning of human existence. This situation can be also traced in Russia, but still Russian women cannot get the job they want and salary equal to the men in general. Men and women are still not treated equally in the working field.

These facts force single women forget about their dreams and aspirations and dedicate themselves and their lives to their families and their well-being. However, unmarried women in Russia differ from those from other countries, as they don’t give up on getting higher education and scientific degrees, even though this doesn’t guarantee a well-paid job. Russian women still look for the one, so determined they are. (more…)

How about some online Russian women dating?

Sure you want to meet Russian women. Everyone wants to meet Russian women. They are among the most gorgeous women on the face of this planet and they are also the women you can talk to for hours without even once feeling bored in any way. However, what are you to do if you are looking for some Russian women dating but there are simply no Russian women around? Well, the answer is actually a very simple one. You go online. (more…)

San Antonio and its ‘Forbidden’ Dating Area

San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the USA.  With its population over 1.3 million people, San Antonio is a great place on the USA adult dating arena. Besides a great choice of people interested in adult entertainment, San Antonio has much to offer in terms of dates and meetings.

The city is called ‘Fiesta City’ and there are reasons to this.  San Antonio has plenty to offer in terms of partying, but is also good for casual dating.  First you need to know the locations where to go. The South of downtown offers historical sights and modern art complexes, trendy venues, stores and shops. First Friday street festivals are held here. Another hot spot where you can meet adult personals is Olmos Park famous for its fabulous restaurants, affordable apartments and upscale boutiques. (more…)

7 Questions about Russian Women

The popularity of international marriages grows at present age. A great number of sites offer their services in international dating and marriage. Due to the differences in culture, mentality and personalities it becomes difficult to avoid some misunderstandings and pitfalls. The following article will show you how you can solve some problems during your Russian dating experience.

Are Russian women different from women of other nations, or is it just a myth?

For sure, the difference exists. CIS women possess certain characteristics that are peculiar for them only. The most significant are – looking after themselves a lot and in their majority Russian women would prefer family to their career.

How can a foreigner attract Russian woman’s attention?

Russian women notice neat and well-attended men. They cannot stand dirty, undone hair, uncut nails and unpolished shoes.

What traits interest Russian women?

Russian women like a strong shoulder to lean against. If you are a strong, brave, self-confident man with serious intentions, you have all the chances to win Russian woman’s heart. They also like tender, kind and romantic men.

Myths about Russian Women Dating

With the Internet invention men from all parts of the world have got the possibility to meet Russian women for romance, love, serious relationship and marriage. Russian dating is the most popular dating field on the web. However, many misconceptions and myths about Russian women appeared on-line.
The most common myth about Russian women is that they are mail-order brides. The concept of mail-order-bride doesn’t exist anymore. You cannot buy a Russian bride. By calling a Russian woman a mail-order-bride, you will offend her; to win her heart a man should use a conventional approach, treating woman with respect and consideration.
Another well-spread stereotype about Russian women is that they are submissive and do everything to please their men. Well, some Russian women can fit this description, but it is not the rule for every Russian woman. Most of Russian women are looking for an equal relationship. While some of Russian ladies do not mind being housewives, others will prefer career. Many Russian women are not only beautiful, but also very smart and intelligent. So, it is advised to ask and discuss things before making any assumptions. (more…)

Russian Women are Excellent Wives

Russian women can impress every man from any country of the world as they are smart, intelligent good looking women. They make good mothers, great wives, excellent cooks and devoted best friends. There is no need of competing with your wife if she is Russian. A Russian wife will love and respect you for who you are; even if you are not a successful businessman, but a good husband and loving and caring father of your children. Today on the internet one can meet Russian women of any age, appearance, occupation from any region of Russia and other FSU countries.
Every Russian girl dreams of meeting a kind, loving and caring man and getting married to him. They dream of a knight in shining armor, a prince on a white horse and at the same time, they are realistic about marriage, family and life in general. Russian women are very devoted wives and can sacrifice much to keep their family together. Every Russian girl is taught from her childhood how to create cozy home hearth and friendly warm atmosphere at home. (more…)

Dating Beautiful Russian Women On-line

If you are looking for international dating experience and international marriage, the internet has many options and offers for you. The most popular dating niche in dating on-line industry is Russian dating. Visiting Russian dating sites you will be exposed to hundreds of thousands of gorgeous Russian women’s profiles. Knowing how to use these sites will bring you to the women looking for their spouses on the international dating scheme.

First you need to find the right dating site. What does it mean? Every person will find on-line what suits him/her the best. You need to make sure the site, the services of which you are going to use, is trustworthy, reliable and suits you on all parameters. You also need to feel the site is ‘yours’: it is easy to navigate; everything is clear in privacy, payment, membership and support moments. You need to make your own research on the web and ask your friends and acquaintances, who are in international dating what sites they will suggest. (more…)

Common Things about Russian Girls

Many men wonder how they can get acquainted with Russian girls. These men usually don’t have much experience with Russian girls. To make your Russian dating successful and effective, you need to know some common things about Russian women and this will make your search and dating easier.





Russian girls do not like:

  • Black humor or lack of it
  • Greedy men
  • Selfishness
  • Passivity
  • Lack of attention and manners
  • Banality
  • Lack of dignity in character
  • Negativity
  • Too much of self-confidence or not confident enough
  • Pity to himself
  • Attempts to change woman (more…)